Teachers who trek



Welcome to our site, we hope that you find it inspiring, motivational and interesting!

We are teachers of some amazing, demanding students in the North of England. Our jobs are stressful and as such we decided to combat the stress by blogging, working out and setting ourselves challenges to look forward to.

We also want to give teachers inspirational ideas to help them navigate the classroom, like Mel’s favourite subject (such a favourite that she is doing a PhD in it) motivating students. For example, Mel loves this professional development programme which you can find here. It has some fabulous ideas for using in and outside of the classroom. Many of these ideas have been tried and tested by Mel and are working in her classroom.

Mel is a runner, coach, marathoner, climber and blogger. She is, as previously mentioned also undertaking a PhD and juggles all this with being a mother to two amazing children. She is a guide runner and a running coach, who has trained many women to get the 5k  under their belt, then run regularly and independently.

Claire is new to the fitness world and is improving everyday. She loves working out before work “gets it done” and wants to show others that it can be done slowly but surely. She started in May 2017 and has shaved over two minutes off her running pace in this time, can easily conquer half burpees (one was too much at the start) and is the queen of tricep dips in the gym!

We hope that you enjoy following our teaching and fitness path! Here’s to a wonderful goal filled 2018!