New Boots! 

So after 4 months of a new fitness regime to improve her overall fitness, Claire has finally taken a big step towards the trek, She has bought her boots! Exciting! 

In preparation for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next summer she did a lot of research into the ‘right boots’ – what a mine field! For Claire comfort is a big thing: “I don’t deal well with sore feet and I have always been a wimp with blisters so I really wanted to get good boots and minimise these risks. I went to Ellis Brigham’s at Xscape, Castleford and the service was amazing!” 

The member of staff who advised Claire was very knowledgable, particularly on different brands and styles, the fit and also suitability for the types of trek she will be undertaking. Claire can be, by her own admission, very indecisive, but the staff member was great, encouraging her to try lots of different styles and even different socks (Claire had taken her walking socks with her). Eventually Claire settled on the Meindl Kansas Lady GTX and is very happy with them. So a big thanks to Ellis Brigham and the lovely lady who helped her!
Claire has done a few short walks, just an hour here and there to slowly bed them in but is looking forward to doing some proper walking in them!
Kilimanjaro here she comes…..

Blind Date With a Book Stall

Mel decided a couple of months ago to do a fundraising stall: Blind Date With a Book. An avid reader herself, she wanted to pass on this passion and get people to not judge a book by its cover.

So, by asking her running club for donations of good quality books, both adult and child the stall came alive. It took over a month to wrap and label the books but the result was effective.

The stall was received well with lots of purchases and comments of what a wonderful idea it was. In all over £100 was raised and so the stall will continue.

The idea is simple yet effective, wrap books, making sure they are of good quality, pick 4 words to describe the book and then decorate. Mel got sticker donations and so used those to decorate the books, along with string and lots of stars! The books that were not either new or like new were labelled with “Pot Luck” and the genre of the book.

Give it a go and have fun!

Half Term Holidays!

This week has seen a little hiatus due to half term and the team being very busy: One got married, the other two have been away. However we are all returned and excited to update everyone on our fundraising efforts.

It is going really well, thankfully! We are over the £700 mark now which is awesome with some really fun things coming up!

June sees us continuing with our bonus ball at work – great little earner, OK its £29 per week but our motto is “It’s more than we had last week/yesterday/this morning/an hour ago” (delete as required) £29 per week translates to just under £120 per month which isn’t bad really.

June also has us at school fairs – not sure this will work but we hope that it will – “Blind Date With a Book” all books have been donated by some lovely friends and all that are on the stall are of great quality. The books had to pass quality control so no: torn spines, creases on the covers, piggy eared corners etc. The adult selection are wrapped in brown paper and the kids in colourful unisex wrapping paper. All books have four words to describe the book and the reader takes a chance! Who knows it might work! The kids books are going in lucky dip bins, whereas the adult books will be on the stall. We even found a load of Minion stickers so have put one on each wrapped adult book. It looks pretty cute!

We have sold two trays of brownies to staff at work for £10 each. As well as this we did the refreshments for the end of year performances at work raising £20. The performance department also gave us their money from the swear jar and we got £15 from that!

The Smartie tubes are doing well £48 so far! This was an easy money spinner, plus students cut out the labels and stuck them on! It all went towards their assessment plus saved us a load of time and effort!

The Virtual Race (have you entered yet?) is slowly making money, we need to sell 40 places before ordering the medals, so we designed a leaflet to hand out at events and ParkRuns etc. Hopefully this will pick up some traction!

We even featured in the Hull Daily Mail! So not bad for the month of May and the start of June.

We did think that the fundraising would be really tough and yes it is, but and this is the big but….we are really enjoying it. We also worked out how much our fundraising has made so far and what it would go towards: a years worth of health care for at least 5 children, really humbles a soul. The charity The Nasio Trust do great work, so if you haven’t dug deep yet, please do!HDM

Pray Rain Journals

We have discovered podcasts (about time we hear you shout!) and our favourite at the moment is Zestology. It was on here that Jeannette Maw discussed the power of pray rain journaling. What an amazing podcast and her natural exuberance really set us on fire!

We would really recommend listening to at least one podcast per day, it is so much better than the radio and far more interesting than tired old playlists.

So what is pray rain journaling? Well it is a technique that comes from the law of attraction, it involves getting a small notebook and writing down, each day, the things that you desire as if THEY ARE ALREADY WITH YOU! Crazy? Yes! Does it work? Apparently. We have set out to find out if it does and we will let you know what our results are. How incredibly exciting!

Do you have any favourite podcasts? What would you recommend to us?

Amazing fundraising idea!

We were given a box of pennies by one of the teachers at our college today. The box was painted pillar box red and was incredibly heavy! She has been charging students pennies for swearing. The red box was chock full of pennies, 5p and 10p, in fact it was £15 full! This will buy health care for a child in Kenya for 1 month.

It was an incredibly moving gesture, the money could have been spent going on an end of term trip or buying some sweets for a party. Instead it was donated to us for The Nasio Trust.

Sometimes we teachers in post 16 education (I have not worked in a school) have to deal creatively with swearing, we operate a zero tolerance policy in our department due to the nature of the jobs students want to go into. Although I think we may adopt the same policy during the next academic year, not a set fee, just a penny or whatever you have that is low in denomination.

It is tough to set up these things when working in one of the most deprived areas of one of the most deprived city in the UK. We love this idea however and think it would work amazingly well with our students as well. Plus is better than a simple zero tolerance as it prevents arguments and conversations about swearing!


Charity Events Coming Up!

This week has been so busy for the team: Books have been collected and wrapped, meetings have been held and people booked for our events! Its all getting quite exciting, especially as they all are great events!

Keep an eye on our page for tickets to:

  • September – Clairvoyant Evening
  • October – Battle of the Bands (with special guest band) & Halloween Party
  • December – Christmas panto with guest appearance by Santa
  • February – Adele tribute night with Fish & Chip supper
  • March – Mothers Day Afternoon Tea and present making

There will be more to come as well! Currently these are just booked in for Leeds venues but we are hoping to get to Hull as well. Please support our endeavours, all money goes to The Nasio Trust and we would love your input!


Fundraising Famous!

Today we managed to get ourselves into the Hull Daily Mail! For some this might be small fry but for us? Well it is huge! We even had a video! Many that know us, may think that we don’t mind being in the spotlight but we really don’t. Having to raise a huge amount of money has, unfortunately, made us embrace the public domain and really put ourselves “out there”.

For those of you that really want to have a nosey click here.