I love running in the morning, I suppose most people must think I’m mad, especially when they find it hard to adhere to the alarm! I can understand it, when I am on holiday from work, getting up is a drag, but once I am out, I love it.

So after a much needed bulletproof coffee, I pull on my running gear and get out of the house. Sometimes I have to remind myself of these reasons, but many times, I just soak in how great it feels!

  1.  It is really quiet early in the morning: You don’t have to contend with lots of traffic, on the roads or pavements. It feels like the world is yet to wake up and you get to see the start of a brand new day.
  2. You achieve something many people only dream about: Tony Robbins is my mentor, whether he knows it or not, he believes that an individual should achieve something at the start of the day. I like my achievement to be something amazing, like completing a run, regardless of how good or bad it is.
  3. You are set up for the rest of your day: Whatever happens during the day, from the end of your run until the end of the day, you have already done something great!
  4. You don’t have any excuses: After a hard day at work, I really just want to go home and do not very much. As a teacher I am talked out, thought out and really just exhausted. The thought of having to then drag myself out (in the dark during winter) is something I just don’t want to do.
  5. It inspires people: Yes, it really does! The amount of times I have people say that they have been to the gym because they feel that if I can do it so early, they can do it at any time of the day, is amazing. This feels great to know that the one thing you love, inspires others.
  6. You work with the seasons: In the summer a morning run beats the hot evening sun or the humid temperatures that can build up. In the winter you get the crispness of the underfoot and some amazing sunrises!
  7. One shower a day: I don’t have to have two showers, just because I love to run…I mean that has to be a bonus right?
  8. I get to spend the first hour of the morning thinking: This is actually a huge bonus, that space away from the world, where I can really contextualise, plan and go over the things that are important to me, is space I simply could not do without.
  9. I’m up before the family: This means that I get to do something for me, without intruding on family time. I get back and the weekend can start, long res at weekend can be really time consuming so getting it done without affecting others can enable the build up of miles.
  10. Photos: I mean who doesn’t like to take the bragging picture for social media when the world has just started to wake up?
  11. Washing: My clothes are in the machine, washed and hung to dry before lunch, meaning they are ready for the next day……tenuous but hey its my blog and I really like this aspect of a morning run!
  12. It is invigorating: Despite what you might perceive about running, it does feel invigorating, especially when it is the first thing that you do.

So what better reason to start the new year with a good old morning run every once in a while? Give it a go, I hope you enjoy it a much as I do. photo-1477332552946-cfb384aeaf1c