For Christmas I (Mel) received some new Smartwool socks from a lovely couple whom I know. I was very excited about these and could not wait for an opportunity to get my walking boots on and get out in the cold.


So I thought that this kind of weather would be a fab opportunity to give them a go, perfect right? Cold, wintery and wet. The flakes of snow we got we massive and the whole village was like a Christmas card image.

After a season of wearing socks like these: photo-1514606991149-0c4c31d4e521

I thought that maybe a walk in the hills would be out of the question. So I decided to hike for 5 miles, as it was a test with new kit, as a runner I am fully aware that you never do big miles with new kit, it is unwise and can be unsafe if you are far away from home. Before I even went through the door I checked that the socks were a good size, room inside and fitted well from toe to ankle. The ankle parts of the socks were snug but not too tight.

Now I have wooden floors in my house and after I moved from the carpeted bedroom to the wooden floor I nearly went flying! The insides of the socks were very slippy, although I was unsure if it was the inside or the the outside or both, that were slippy. I have had running socks like that in the past and loved them, therefore I ventured out of the door.

I wear my boots quite tight as I like them to feel snug to my feet, I can be quite prone to blisters and despise the feeling of hotspots or even the possibility of getting a hotspot. From the first step my feel felt like they were sliding around in my boots. I knew that if my boots went tighter, they would not be comfortable. So I carried on, it was just five miles after all.

Although the socks felt strange and my feet never stopped sliding around, my feet remained warm and the elastic around the ankle never faltered. I really hate it when socks start to ride down and end up under the foot! Usually by the time I take my boots off my socks are damp but these were not so they also must have kept my feet cool as well as warm. All good points. I think however I will have to try them for longer walks to get used to them, I got zero hotspots so they must not have rubbed but I think they just were very different to what I am normally used to.

Would I recommend? The jury is still out unfortunately; I like warm feet, what I thought would happen regarding blisters, did not happen, so I think that it is more about me getting used to the sock than there being an issue with them. The website here says that the socks have an arch brace which keeps the sock in place, so maybe the sensation of movement in my boots was more the outside of my socks, than the inside? I will try them with increasing distances and see how I go.