Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an amazing programme which helped Mel get back to running and climbing: you can get this programme by clicking here.

Mel explains about this issue, which nearly took her out of running the London Marathon for The Nasio trust.

I decided to start at the gym at work every morning before work: I wonderfully had a stress fracture in my foot, so running as out of the question. I was due to climb Mt Toubkal in Morocco during the October half term and wanted to at least have plenty of strength to be able to undertake the climb.

I started with a light weights programme which built up my strength and once the Toubkal climb had happened I decided to get back running. I completed the Milton Keynes marathon the summer after Toubkal without issue and when I received my entry for London I was ecstatic! I started my training plan hoping to get a PB. It was a little after New Year 2017 that the issues started. I got a horrid pain down the front of my left thigh, which (because I am a runner) I ignored and continued with the plan.

When the pain transferred to my hip and had me not being able to walk for days after a run, I made an appointment with a sports physio. His news was devastating, my left hip flexors were weak due to my stress fracture in my right foot as I had been over compensating. Im not one to dispute what a medical professional tells me, until I was told that I should not run London.

I was given a ton of exercises to do, which helped to re-build the weak muscles. I had to cut out one run at the very least and consider doing more cross training if I wanted to ever get back to running. So I went swimming, cycling and made my way back to the gym in the morning, I had climbed Toubkal with a stress fracture. My mindset was such that I felt that if I could do that then I could at least drag myself round London!

I started looking at Jeffing, which I enjoyed (and still do) and felt this was the way to London success, not a PB but at least I could raise money along the way (bad move running 26.2 miles with a bucket full of money!) and my friend Lee, who was also injured, said he would be with me the whole way.

After London I set myself another challenge….Kilimanjaro! This time cross training was a must but so was keeping my cardiovascular ability strong. So I still Jeff, it means that I can run and stay as injury free as possible. Then I invested in this programme: Unlock Your Hip Flexors and it has been a game changer!

I learned exactly how to target the muscles with detailed, step-by-step walk-through videos of every single key move (Rick’s simple, clear demonstration of these powerful moves really helped them become second nature in no time). This was what I needed – they built upon what my physio had given me and showed me exactly what I needed to do to redress those deep-seeded imbalances.

I feel stronger and fitter with the help from this programme and hope it might help others too! I would strongly recommend you invest in this programme, it really will help. I also recommend it for those of you who sit down for a lot of the day, even if you go to the gym, being sedentry for a lot of the day at a computer desk really compounded the issue. This was shown when I spent 7 hours on a flight to Singapore, I was in so much pain I had to go to the swimming pool at the airport just to release my hip from the agony it had been in. Doing some of the exercises in water really helped (even though it looked a little odd!) and enabled me to continue with my journey!

One of the most amazing things about this programme are the extras you get: Hamstring unlock for tight hamstrings (my physiology can’t believe how my hamstrings are not like most runners hammies) and the 7 day anti inflammatory diet.  I think that is amazing for regular price of $50! So visit the site today by clicking here and start your new year on the road to recovery!

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