photo-1484583066749-c2129489f52fSo after a number of years not being “quite right” health wise, Mel decided to advocate for herself and pushed the doctor to get to the root of the problem.

Over the last few years I have been having some health issues, nothing major, but enough to cause annoyance, frustration and confusion. Time after time the doctors would take my blood then tell me there was nothing wrong with me, despite a list of things that were not right. fast forward to November and my 40th birthday. I thought that I needed to get to the bottom of the issue and advocate for myself and refuse to take “everything is normal” for an answer.


As mentioned in other posts, I am doing a doctorate so have a wide range of research to hand so spent time reading studies that matched my symptoms and went to the doctors feeling confident and ready. It could be a number of things but I felt my hormones were at the root of the issue so requested tests to determine if this was the case. the doctor said that hormone tests rarely show anything and told me not to expect too much (this was after me practically begging for the tests!) or get my hopes up.

When I went back to discuss the results the doctor advised the it is rare that she is surprised by a patient, however I was the one who surprised her. I had a high FSH and it indicated an early menopause. I was quite surprised, she said my thyroid was normal and that a follow up tests and a referral to a specialist as in order.

I went home and started reading again. My symptoms kind of matched an early menopause, but not entirely. I came across a paper that indicated that it could be something linked to my thyroid. So I invested in Suzy Cohen’s book and read this. She recommended a low carb diet for the with endocrine disorders – I fell into that bracket. So have started a low carb diet and feel better. I also have low Vitamin D so take supplements for this alongside magnesium and selenium.

I decided to invest in this package as it offered the advice I needed all in one place, plus I loved the bonus offers. I also want to avoid taking medication for as long as possible. It is a paleo diet which is naturally low in carbs and sugar. Even just a few days in and I am noticing the difference. I have more focus, drive and clarity. My hair looks better and my skin is noticeably improved. I have more energy and am not as reliant on coffee or other stimulants to keep me awake after 3pm!


I’m a sugar addict (I realise this now) and have started my detox of this by just having dark chocolate (over 70%) which I will stop after I have finished the two bars I have. Before, I would have eaten the lot over two days. Due to The Paleo Hacks Team I am more focussed and am more confident as I worried about eating out, thankfully the package includes an eating out guide. I love the layout of the cookbooks and I especially loved the price! I even got it on offer, so spent $13 on the lot!

I always said if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, but this is definately the exception! Click here and start off your New Year the clean way.