So after 4 months of a new fitness regime to improve her overall fitness, Claire has finally taken a big step towards the trek, She has bought her boots! Exciting!

In preparation for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next summer she did a lot of research into the ‘right boots’ – what a mine field! For Claire comfort is a big thing: “I don’t deal well with sore feet and I have always been a wimp with blisters so I really wanted to get good boots and minimise these risks. I went to Ellis Brigham’s at Xscape, Castleford and the service was amazing!”

The member of staff who advised Claire was very knowledgable, particularly on different brands and styles, the fit and also suitability for the types of trek she will be undertaking. Claire can be, by her own admission, very indecisive, but the staff member was great, encouraging her to try lots of different styles and even different socks (Claire had taken her walking socks with her). Eventually Claire settled on the Meindl Kansas Lady GTX and is very happy with them. So a big thanks to Ellis Brigham and the lovely lady who helped her!
Claire has done a few short walks, just an hour here and there to slowly bed them in but is looking forward to doing some proper walking in them!
Kilimanjaro here she comes…..