This week has seen a little hiatus due to half term and the team being very busy: One got married, the other two have been away. However we are all returned and excited to update everyone on our fundraising efforts.

It is going really well, thankfully! We are over the £700 mark now which is awesome with some really fun things coming up!

June sees us continuing with our bonus ball at work – great little earner, OK its £29 per week but our motto is “It’s more than we had last week/yesterday/this morning/an hour ago” (delete as required) £29 per week translates to just under £120 per month which isn’t bad really.

June also has us at school fairs – not sure this will work but we hope that it will – “Blind Date With a Book” all books have been donated by some lovely friends and all that are on the stall are of great quality. The books had to pass quality control so no: torn spines, creases on the covers, piggy eared corners etc. The adult selection are wrapped in brown paper and the kids in colourful unisex wrapping paper. All books have four words to describe the book and the reader takes a chance! Who knows it might work! The kids books are going in lucky dip bins, whereas the adult books will be on the stall. We even found a load of Minion stickers so have put one on each wrapped adult book. It looks pretty cute!

We have sold two trays of brownies to staff at work for £10 each. As well as this we did the refreshments for the end of year performances at work raising £20. The performance department also gave us their money from the swear jar and we got £15 from that!

The Smartie tubes are doing well £48 so far! This was an easy money spinner, plus students cut out the labels and stuck them on! It all went towards their assessment plus saved us a load of time and effort!

The Virtual Race (have you entered yet?) is slowly making money, we need to sell 40 places before ordering the medals, so we designed a leaflet to hand out at events and ParkRuns etc. Hopefully this will pick up some traction!

We even featured in the Hull Daily Mail! So not bad for the month of May and the start of June.

We did think that the fundraising would be really tough and yes it is, but and this is the big but….we are really enjoying it. We also worked out how much our fundraising has made so far and what it would go towards: a years worth of health care for at least 5 children, really humbles a soul. The charity The Nasio Trust do great work, so if you haven’t dug deep yet, please do!HDM