Pray Rain Journals

We have discovered podcasts (about time we hear you shout!) and our favourite at the moment is Zestology. It was on here that Jeannette Maw discussed the power of pray rain journaling. What an amazing podcast and her natural exuberance really set us on fire!

We would really recommend listening to at least one podcast per day, it is so much better than the radio and far more interesting than tired old playlists.

So what is pray rain journaling? Well it is a technique that comes from the law of attraction, it involves getting a small notebook and writing down, each day, the things that you desire as if THEY ARE ALREADY WITH YOU! Crazy? Yes! Does it work? Apparently. We have set out to find out if it does and we will let you know what our results are. How incredibly exciting!

Do you have any favourite podcasts? What would you recommend to us?

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