We were given a box of pennies by one of the teachers at our college today. The box was painted pillar box red and was incredibly heavy! She has been charging students pennies for swearing. The red box was chock full of pennies, 5p and 10p, in fact it was £15 full! This will buy health care for a child in Kenya for 1 month.

It was an incredibly moving gesture, the money could have been spent going on an end of term trip or buying some sweets for a party. Instead it was donated to us for The Nasio Trust.

Sometimes we teachers in post 16 education (I have not worked in a school) have to deal creatively with swearing, we operate a zero tolerance policy in our department due to the nature of the jobs students want to go into. Although I think we may adopt the same policy during the next academic year, not a set fee, just a penny or whatever you have that is low in denomination.

It is tough to set up these things when working in one of the most deprived areas of one of the most deprived city in the UK. We love this idea however and think it would work amazingly well with our students as well. Plus is better than a simple zero tolerance as it prevents arguments and conversations about swearing!