At the start of this challenge, we decided that we wanted our fundraising to benefit as many people as possible, through health, fitness, education, finance among other things.

Then last week a new opportunity came to light, literacy. Mel volunteers at a local brownie pack and was running a session. This included designing a poster on road safety, now despite homework being at an all time high and literacy being very much on the agenda, it was very clear how much the young girls struggled with literacy. Spellings and homophone use were both areas in which the girls lacked confidence and found very difficult.

As post 16 educators, we see the effects every day of poor literacy; how it directly affects confidence, learning and understanding in the post 16 environment. It is very difficult to break bad habits of students of this age, so if they don’t read for pleasure already, it is incredibly challenging (but not impossible) to change this. However, it is much easier to have young people develop a passion for reading at an early age. So we thought having a sponsored read would be an ideal way to encourage this.

We know the pressure teachers, especially those in the primary sector are under and we are in no way trying to blame teachers or say they are not pushing students. What we are saying is that we need to encourage, in a fun and engaging way, young people to read more books, be prised away from their IPads and tablets and transport themselves into a world of fantasy and wonderment.

We know that if a student reads for just 20 minutes per day, by the end of the school year they will have completed 3600 minutes of reading, that equates to 1,800,000 words. Research has also found that if a student reads, their literacy will improve far more than if they do not. We hope that as many teachers as possible will get involved in this, encouraging students to read books that will push them and expand their understanding of other cultures and ideas.

We will provide sponsor forms for all teachers who sign up for this and provide a letter for the school if needed.

Let’s get our young people reading! Sign up using our contact form!