Some people are really scared and at times can be quite frustrated in improving their fitness. This certainly was the case with our intrepid adventurers! The challenge is quite daunting, even for Mel who has just recently completed the London marathon.

All participants have committed to improve their fitness over the next year, so in June 2018 they can embark on a specific plan to scale the heights of Kilimanjaro. So with this I mind, this morning saw an early rise for Mel and Claire. Mel is our running coach, she is currently helping Claire to improve her running ability. Mel decided on a 2:2 split for Claire over 8 splits: So run for two minutes, walk for two minutes and repeat that eight times.

Claire did amazingly well, she completed all the splits and really pushed herself. It is really important to improve all participants VO2 max. Our resident coach (Mel’s husband Alistair) has advised that we do this before embarking on a specific plan. As running is a good way of doing this we have incorporated it into our weekly plan.

It also fits really well into Mel’s recovery from London, she hurt her hip quite badly after the Milton Keynes Marathon in 2016, so needs to keep running to a minimum, using cycling to improve her VO2 max. Doing gentle running, especially in walk/run splits is a good way to keep up running fitness without pushing the injury too much.

Tomorrow all participants are in the gym, doing the weight programme that will lead onto the BodyBoss programme between September and Christmas! Planning ahead when it comes to fitness is going to be crucial for summiting the mountain.